Fiberband Wristbands

Our Fiberband Wristbands are unique since they come with a watermark only visible under a UV light adding an additional form of security to our wristbands.
Minimum order for these security wristbands is 20,000 bands.
They are a one time closure with their patented die cut closure making it impossible for anyone to share the wristbands with anyone else. They are perfect for clubs and crowd control they are extremely comfortable to wear and the best part they are cost effective!
They come in multiple colors to be able to suit your needs and match your venue or event! the best part is they are customizable, we are able to print your logo or text to add a second layer or security and exclusivity to your event!
They are also perfect to know show who belongs in VIP or in special part of the event!
Best part is the turn around time, we print and ship orders within 24 hours!
Any questions? Feel free to email us at we are always here to help!