VIP Wristbands!

Who doesn’t love to be made feel a little extra special? You can do that with our VIP wristbands! VIP wristbands are intended to be used for security at your event to be able to insure you can keep track of the most important guest of your event easily. We offer several options depending how long your event may last and the type of event it is.

We offer our Plastic VIP wristbands, they are durable, water resistant and can last three to seven days in a single event. They are a one-time use VIP bands. This design must be cut in order to removed insuring no one is able to reuse this wristband at another event in the future. Plastic wristbands are extremely comfortable and a very popular choice due our color choice selection.

Our most cost-effective VIP wristband will be our Tyvek VIP Wristband. These are perfect for short term use, but they too provide the same security as they are a one time use only. They can’t be transferred and most be destroyed as well since they come with a onetime adhesive closure.

Our popular lightweight VIP wristband! Our Hologram wristbands are fun, they are plastic hologram snap on which are great for long events as well as nightclubs. They are bright and a great wristband to bring your event to the next level.  

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