Happy Hour is At 5pm!

Happy Hour is At 5pm!

As bar and night clubs are getting ready to reopen, we are here to help with the new normal! Wristbands are a great option for gate control, security but they are always comfortable to wear making sure your customers feel at ease. Our wristbands allow you to be able to control and identify the crowd and see if people already paid, if they are VIP, Over 21 etc. We even offer DD wristbands to ensure the safety to all your patrons! The way you use the wristbands is completely up to as we offer plenty of different colors and options for you to choose from.

Our most popular wristbands option is our Tyvek wristbands since they are affordable yet secure! They are a one time use wristband great for clubs to use for crowd control. We can customize them with you text or logo making them unique to you. They are water resistant in the event of any spill drinks!

We have also a perfect option for VIP or longer events which would be our plastic and vinyl wristbands. They are fully customizable as well, durable and secure with a snap on closure. The most popular bands used are the Hologram Plastic since they are shiny comfortable and thing, they are great for the night life and highly sought after.

Can’t decide which one is right for you? Please feel free to email us if you have any questions, we are always here to help! You can reach us at orders@wristbandsonline.com

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