Spring Break Wristbands!

Spring Break Wristbands!

Spring break takes place in March and April all around the United States. The colleges and universities have different spring break vacation weeks throughout the country.  This ritual started during the 1930’s. Spring break vacations usually take place in warm weather climates such as Florida, Cancun Mexico and in the Caribbean Islands. 

(Wikipedia- Spring Break)Wristbands For Spring Break.

Many of the spring breakers stay in hotels right off the beach. They typically love to escape the cold weather for some sunshine. Cancun Mexico is the most popular spring break hot spot consisting of huge hotels, blue water and white sand.
College students celebrate by going to various nightclub parties, relaxing on the beach and attending music festivals. (http://leahtravels.com/things/spring-break) Wristbands can be used as form of entry in different venues.
We offer spring break wristbands which can be customized on Tyvek (paper), vinyl, plastic, silicone and cloth.

Vinyl wristbands would be a good option for certain venues especially for beach and pool activities. These wristbands come in quantities of 500 and have a non-removable snap feature which makes it more secure. We do offer custom vinyl wristbands as well. There is 4 inches of printable space available and we can print text and logos for the customer. Please allow 10-12 business days for production time.

Cloth wristbands would also be a good option for marketing purposes as well as cute little souvenirs. They are able to be customized as well.
We have various types of cloth wristbands such as sublimation which has a smooth texture and which is able to print full color logos, woven cloth which is a woven wristband and the customer will be able to choose up to eight different colors, and spandex cloth which is less secure than the other options because there are no clips and just has a tied closure and can be reusable.

Spring break traditions that are observed throughout the United States. The most popular tradition is relaxing on the beach in the nice warm tropical weather.
Wristbands would defiantly help for admission purposes to bars and nightclubs as well as the beach.
 Please let us know if wristbands would work for your next spring break event!

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